McKillen’s rescues Radio Cracker Christmas shop

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McKillen’s Shoe Shop on Ballymena’s Church Street have come to the rescue of Radio Cracker by inviting the charity to set up its Christmas shop in part of their premises.

Thomas McKillen said he had been aware that Radio Cracker had been unable to obtain a suitable base for their seasonal shop and was pleased to be able to offer his corner accommodation at Church Street/Wellington Court, which had suddenly become vacant.

He told the Ballymena Times: “I fully support Radio Cracker and I believe that, once again, the good people of the greater Ballymena area will also continue to support them as they have done so generously over the past 22 years.”

The Christmas Shop is an extremely important source of revenue for Radio Cracker, contributing approximately £13,000 to the £60,000 total raised last year for relief and development in the Third World.

Its Chairman, Gordon Dawson said he is absolutely delighted by Mr McKillen’s offer.

“Thomas McKillen has always been a great supporter of Radio Cracker and this generous offer has just come at the right time for us,” he said.

“We were beginning to despair, as it really looked like we would not be able to have a shop this year.

“Now, we can move forward and make urgent preparations to have the shop opened as quickly as possible,” Mr Dawson said.

The charity radio station is due to start broadcasting on November 27 on 107.6FM and will continue right through to Christmas Eve.