McPeake stands for TUV in Braid

TUV Braid candidate, Roy McPeake
TUV Braid candidate, Roy McPeake

Traditional Unionist Voice has added a second candidate to run in the Braid district.

Former RUC officer Brian Collins will now be joined by Harryville resident, Roy McPeake. Roy currently works in the electricity industry but also served in the UDR for some years and has extensive community involvement and interests.

He said: said, “I’ve decided I should play my part in the unionist fight back with the TUV being the party that has demonstrated a willingness to take on Sinn Fein.”

Jim Allister said, “We are pleased to add a second candidate in this area, especially now that it includes much of Harryville and Ballee. Since Roy lives in that area he complements our existing Moorfields based candidate, Brian Collins.”