Migrant workers told ‘you’re welcome here’

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Migrant workers in Ballymena and Antrim make a valuable contribution to society and should be able to live ‘free of fear’ says First Minister, Arlene Foster and deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness.

The pair issued a joint statement in the wake of ‘racially motivated attacks’, many of them affecting the long-established Polish community in England.

The Ballymena and Antrim areas have one of the biggest percentage populations of migrant workers in general and Polish workers in particular in Northern Ireland.

Ministers Foster and McGuinness reassured the migrant community living throughout Northern Ireland that they are ‘welcome and valued’.

The Ministers said: “We are very concerned at reports of racially motivated attacks in England following the Referendum.

“Regardless of your views on EU and the outcome of the recent referendum, there is absolutely no place for intimidation or threats.

“Everyone regardless of racial, ethnic or religious background are entitled to live their lives free from fear.

“Migrants make a valuable contribution to our society, they enrich our lives and will continue to make a considerable contribution to our society in the future.”