MLA wants anti-bullying campaign to run all year long

Robin Swann congratulates supporters of Anti-Bullying campaign.
Robin Swann congratulates supporters of Anti-Bullying campaign.

A local MLA has called on the community to play their part in maintaining the campaign against bullying throughout the year.

North Antrim UUP Assemblyman Robin Swann issued his appeal as he extended congratulations to all the schools and organizations who contributed to making this month’s Anti-Bullying Week such a success.

Mr Swann called on the community ‘to take the main theme of Anti Bullying Week and make combating bullying a year-long campaign, such is the seriousness of the issue’.

He said: “In calling for the community to give its total backing to this very necessary initiative, I also thank the schools and the police in the constituency for all their efforts in stamping out the scourge of bullying – and I certainly pledge our full support for this worthy campaign.

“Bullying has become one of the great social evils of this new millennium and must be combated head-on in every forum. School bullying especially can never be justified under any circumstances.

“The hard reality is that if bullying is not properly stamped out, it can leave lasting emotional, mental and even physical scars on the victims right through their adult lives,” said Mr Swann.

He continued: “Bullies themselves must be left in no doubt they could face the full rigours of the law if they do not desist from their heinous actions. I particularly call on all responsible parents to support the themes of Anti-Bullying Week right throughout the entire year. If they find their child is the victim of bullying, it is their moral duty to seek as much assistance as possible in helping the child. Likewise, if they discover their child is involved in bullying, such parents have an equal moral imperative to take responsibility and prevent their child from further bullying.”