Model plan for Dunclug

The Braid. BT8-268AC
The Braid. BT8-268AC

Work to establish ‘a sustainable model of community development’ in Dunclug is progressing, a Council committee has been told.

A Ballymena Council-led intervention was established last summer to help develop such a model for the estate.

In a recent update to councillors were told there has been an improvement in the area through the work of the Dunclug Partnership.

“Moving forward, there was a clear steer towards recognising youth, Travelling and Polish communities, Church groups and the need to continue to empower the community and a requirement for more action from the statutory agencies as leaders,” Council officer Ursula O’Loughlin stated.

“All consultees were in agreement that continued intervention is required to prevent decline in Dunclug,” said the officer, adding that the Partnership had agreed “to remain and develop capacity within its membership”.

The committee went on to approve a recommendation, on the proposal of Cllr Jayne Dunlop, that “Council will continue to play its role in providing support to the Partnership and play a key role in the initial development of Supporting Communities”.

Seconding the proposal, the Mayor, Cllr Audrey Wales said: “If the feeling of willingness continues, Dunclug will go forward.”