Moorfields crash man was foreign national.

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The 21 year old man killed in a car and coach collision on Moorfields Road on Sunday was a foreign national.

North Antrim TUV Assemblyman, Jim Allister, who lives in the area said his thoughts and condolences are with the victim’s family.

He said: “Yet another fatality on our roads should bring home to us all the need to address our driving patterns. The fact that this accident happened in the locality where I live adds for me to its poignancy.

“The deceased was a foreign national living and working in our midst, but the grief now visited on his distant family has that added dimension of losing a family member in a foreign place. My thoughts and condolences are with his family.

“I also wish to commend the PSNI in handling this difficult situation, because the bus involved Chinese visitors and was driven by another foreign national. So, even at a communication level the police had added complexities with which to cope.”