More resources for special needs - Swann

Local MLA Robin Swann has called for more facilities and resources to be invested in post-19 special needs education.

Mr Swann made his call as he announced that the DEL Committee is to visit Castle Tower School in Ballymena as part of a fact-finding mission.

News of the planned visit comes as the Committee for Employment and Learning unveiled it is undertaking an inquiry into post Special Educational Need (SEN) Provision in education, employment and training for those with Learning Disabilities in Northern Ireland.

Mr Swann said: “The purpose of the Inquiry is to address the concerns raised by the Committee and advocates for those individuals with learning disabilities and their families that once they leave full-time education where they have had long-term support they find themselves with very little help or options for what they do next.

“The Committee will critically examine post SEN provision in Northern Ireland including consideration of the current policies, programmes and opportunities available in Northern Ireland for those with learning disabilities leaving education with particular focus on those with moderate and severe learning disabilities as per the SEN categorisation.

“The Committee will make recommendations, where appropriate, on how policies, procedures and practises can be improved to maximise opportunities to support the transition from education for those with learning disabilities and to alleviate the worry and concern of their families,” said Assemblyman Swann.