Nan praised for tidy-up of local pathway

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South Antrim MLA Adrian Cochrane-Watson has praised the endeavours of Broughshane woman Nan McCready.

Nan was hailed a community hero last year for tidying up a pathway linking Antrim bus and rail station to the Parkhall estate.

There was a huge outpouring of praise on social media after Nan waged battle with overgrown hedges, weeds and litter on the ‘black path’ pathway - particularly as Nan would bring along her gardening tools to tackle the path on her visits to family in Antrim,

Last week, Nan was invited along to the bus and rail centre and presented with equipment by NI Railways to continue her efforts.

Mr Cochrane-Watson said Nan had devoted a lot of her time to maintaing the area since she was first praised for her efforts last year.

“Nan McCready has devoted a lot of her time to travelling to Antrim and has been maintaining an area of ground at the train station that had been needing attention,” Mr Cochrane-Watson said.

He added: “The work that Nan has carried out has been fantastic. South Antrim MP Danny Kinahan and I met with Frank Muir from NI Railways who thanked Nan for her hard work and presented her with some equipment so that she can continue to do the work that she loves doing.

“We hope that Nan enjoyed her visit with us and knows that we all truly appreciate the work that she continues to do.