New book on prayer launches locally

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Parishioners and friends have gathered in All Saints’ Parish Centre for the launch of “To Live in the love of God”, a new book on prayer.

The book is based on the spiritual teaching of St Francis de Sales, a famous spiritual director who wrote the ‘Guide to the love of God’ almost 400 years ago in 1616.

Through this latest published work from Fr Paddy Delargy, P.P., the reader learns how St Francis de Sales’ teaching ‘helps us to be a living Church today’.

St Francis de Sales teaches that we all want to do good and be good and therefore make plans for a successful future. All our plans and desires come to nothing unless they are inspired by love, prayer and charitable activity.

Each chapter is illustrated by a personal testimony from different parishioners who explain how they pray following the simple pattern, ‘compose yourself and become aware of God’s presence, reflect on an event from the mission of Jesus, in peace and quiet pray to the Holy Spirit and make a good resolution to do God’s will as you return to your daily work’.

Among the contributors are Joe O’Prey from Dunclug who describes how to grow close to Christ the Lord by regular prayer and care for your neighbours. Kevin McIlroy, a seminarian from Ballymena, reveals how he combines his passion for social work with a close friendship with Christ; Kyra Moore tells an emotional story of her successful efforts to overcome addiction by prayerful trust in God’s mercy; and, Tracy Harkin, in accepting with love the care of a severely disabled daughter, gives powerful witness to her trust in God’s mercy and power.

“All these different people, with their unique experiences, illustrate how a local parish can be a sign of God’s love in action,” says Fr Delargy.

This inspiring book on prayer also contains familiar prayers and inspiring reflections to assist the reader on his or her way showing how the spiritual life is for everyone in their homes and workplaces.

It is available from both Ballymena Parish Centre and Portglenone Monastery bookshop, priced £5.