New Improved Consumer Council Oil Survey to help save on fuel bills

We may all be enjoying the good weather but at the same time you could also be thinking of stocking up on your home heating oil ahead of the autumn.

To help more consumers to shop around for the most competitive price the Consumer Council has improved its weekly online home heating oil price survey by doubling the numbers of towns represented.

Speaking about the oil survey, Richard Williams, Head of Energy at the Consumer Council, said: “Each week our survey indicates the price consumers can expect to pay across different regions in Northern Ireland, making it quick and easy for consumers to compare prices.

“With 68 per cent of homes in Northern Ireland using home heating oil as their main source of heating, prices can vary from region to region as suppliers compete for consumers.

“Furthermore two thirds of consumers surveyed always buy their home heating oil from the same supplier meaning consumers could be paying more than they need to for oil and not benefitting from savings that can be made.”

Richard added: “The online survey can be accessed on our website and we hope consumers find it useful.”

The Consumer Council has developed a ‘Switch On: Home Heating Oil’ guide to help consumers get the best price for their home heating oil alongside information on how to run your heating system both efficiently and safely and how to complain effectively.

This is available to download from the Consumer Council’s website or by contacting the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022. You also contact the Consumer Council via Facebook or Twitter.