New plans on how to deal with fish kills

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan
Environment Minister Mark H Durkan

Angling clubs from the Antrim area have played a part in drawing up new protocols for dealing with fish kills.

Antrim and District Angling Club and The Six Mile Water Trust were among a number of clubs which met with NI Environment Agency.

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan has now set up a new protocol in order to ensure the appropriate evidence has been gathered and that there is good communication between interested parties.

Mr Durkan said: “I have met with a number of anglers’ associations and listened to their concerns.

“I promised them that we would produce a protocol for dealing with fish kills. Partnership with them when investigating fish kills is at the heart of that.

“With ever diminishing resources I also welcome the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteers willing to give up their time to protect our environment in this way.

“We are all interested in better water quality and by working together we can ensure we target our efforts at those who pollute our waters.”

This work stemmed from a meeting between the Minister and stakeholders after a fish kill on the Ballymartin River last year.