New schemes to tackle scourge of Ahoghill speeders

Ahoghill. (Editorial Image)
Ahoghill. (Editorial Image)

The problem of speeding in and around the village of Ahoghill is to be addressed by Transport NI.

And the police service will also have a role to play in a strategy aimed at reducing such reckless driving in the area.

The developments were revealed by TUV Alderman, Stewart McDonald and local MLA, Jim Allister, following a meeting with both bodies.

The process began following a site meeting on the subject some months ago when the issues were highlighted.

Now, Transport NI has devised a scheme to install speed rumble strips and enhanced signage on all access roads into Ahoghill and throughout the village.

Ald McDonald said he would welcome local feedback on the scheme and Mr. Allister said he believed it will contribute significantly to road safety.

Ald McDonald explained, “This all started with concerns about safety issues in the vicinity of Fourtowns School.

“However, it has now expanded into a total review throughout the village, resulting in these extensive plans to discourage speeding on every road through Ahoghill.”

Mr. Allister added, “The challenge now is to ensure that this scheme is prioritised within Transport NI’s limited budget. While it is not an expensive scheme, we must see it move from being a good proposal on paper to being implemented.”