NI Railways’ Easter appeal to parents

Travel news. Editorial image.
Travel news. Editorial image.

Translink NI Railways is appealing to the parents of young people to remind them to avoid the railway network over the Easter break.

Each year around Easter there is an increase in the number of near misses and unsafe behaviour from members of the public on or near tracks, which coincides with people being out later on brighter evenings.

Head of Rail Operations with Translink, Ian Campbell says: “We all welcome the signs of spring but this can also mean young people are more inclined to congregate at our stations and rail halts. Our fleet is very quiet and it can be hard to hear trains approaching. Also, we frequently operate engineering trains around the network which are in addition to our scheduled services, so even if someone thinks they know the timetable, it is never safe to take risks on or near the railway line.

“If caught trespassing, a young person could end up with a criminal record, impacting on later plans to work or travel abroad. Their parents or guardians could be liable for a fine as a result.

“In January of this year, we brought our award winning ‘iPredict’ rail safety show on tour around schools, train stations and youth groups to highlight the speeds at which our trains travel and their stopping distances, which can be the length of four football pitches when they are travelling at 70 mph.

“Remember, train travel is one of the safest ways to travel. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Easter by taking care when using the railway network.”

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