Ballymena Christmas supermarket opening hours: When are Asda, Lidl, Tesco and M&S open?


Christmas and New Year is a time for enjoying great food and spending time with family.

But there may be a time when you realise you have forgotten that must-have ingredient to make the holidays perfect.

So to make things quick and simple for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to some stores festive opening hours.


Thu 22nd: normal opening

Fri 23rd: normal opening

Sat 24th: normal opening

Sun 25th: CLOSED

Mon 26th: 10am - 6pm

Tue 27th: normal opening

Wed 28th: normal opening

Thurs 29th: normal opening

Fri 30th: normal opening

Sat 31st: normal opening

Sun 1st: 1pm- 6pm

Mon 2nd: normal opening


Mon 19th - Wed 21st - 8am - 10pm

Thu 22nd - Fri 23rd: 7am - 10pm

Sat 24th - 7am - 6pm

Sun 25th - CLOSED

Mon 26th - CLOSED

Tue 27th - Fri 30th - 8am - 9pm

Sat 31st - 8am - 7pm

Sun 1st - CLOSED

Mon 2nd - 8am - 9pm

Marks & Spencer

Thu 22nd: 7am - 10pm

Fri 23rd: 7am - 10pm

Sat 24th: 6am - 5pm

Sun 25th: CLOSED

Mon 26th: CLOSED

Tue 27th: 9am - 6pm

Wed 28th: 9am - 9pm

Thurs 29th: 9am - 9pm

Fri 30th: 9am - 9pm

Sat 31st: 9am - 5pm

Sun 1st: CLOSED

Mon 2nd: 9am - 6pm