Overweight : What is the best diet for me?

Bathroom scales
Bathroom scales

Are you unhappy with your weight after the Christmas food fest?

Do you feel it is time to recharge your health and your appearance?

Then have a look at this advice from NHS Choices - which analyses the pros and cons of popular diets.

Among the diets analysed are:

- 5:2 diet

- Dukan diet

- Paleo diet

- New Atkins diet

- Alkaline diet

- Cambridge diet

- South Beach diet

- Slimming World diet

- Slim-Fast diet

- LighterLife diet

- WeightWatchers diet

- Rosemary Conley diet

And if all that is too much for you, then cast your eye at basic healthy eating tips - that face it if we stuck to there would be no concern over weight gain.