POLL: Gammon and pineapple in high demand: what's Ballymena's favourite flavour of crisp?

What's your flavour?
What's your flavour?

Gammon and pineapple crisps were in high demand in Ballymena yesterday, according to posts on social media.

Well-known Ballymena newsagent Eugene Diamond, who runs Diamond's Newsgents, took to Facebook to inform customers that he had 'totally underestimated demand' for the Glens of Antrim thick-cut savoury snack.

"Ok, so we’ve got a problem," he wrote on Facebook. "We’ve ran out of Gammon & Pineapple crisps. But more boxes are on the way as I write and will arrive this evening. I totally underestimated what the demand would be."

The post sparked a bit of nostalgia fest with one comment asking if they measured up to the 'legendary' Tudor version of the same flavour which were popular in the '80s and '90s.

The crisps are now back in stock at Diamonds, but it's got us thinking. What's Ballymena's most popular crisp flavour?

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