Our street is not a car park!

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Residents of a local housing development have voiced their anger at workmen using the road and footpaths leading into their estate as carpark.

Fears have also been expressed by residents living in Waveney Brow that someone will be seriously injured as a result of children and parents with buggies having to walk on the road due to the footpaths being blocked.

The issue stems from work vans and vehicles, belonging to workers involved in the construction of the new health and care centre on the Cushendall Road, being parked on the entrance road and footpaths at Waveney Brow.

Residents who spoke to The Times said the problem had got worse in recent weeks despite attempts at raising the issue with the contractor.

One mum said: “There’s no work being done to Waveney Brow; it’s the hospital site so why on earth do they feel they can drive into and park in a private housing site? Plus throw their rubbish down.

“Surely the hospital site took parking, etc into consideration when they decided to take on this project.”

Another added: “There is only enough room for single file traffic which means if two cars meet, one has to reverse.

“As the work vans are parked right to the top and around the bend, the only option is for the car coming up the road to reverse which means reversing onto the main Cushendall Road.

“Aside from the obvious dangers, as there is vans parked on the bend at the corner of the Cushendall Road, the view is severely restricted.”