Paisley calls for information on foiled terror plots in the UK

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North Antrim MP DUP Ian Paisley has challenged the Prime Minister to divulge the information regarding the nature of the terrorist plots that have been foiled by UK security forces since the rise of ISIS.

Speaking during a statement from the Prime Minister ahead of the imminent vote on whether to take military action against the terrorist network, Mr Paisley asked: “Will the Prime minister share in more detail the nature of the attacks, the targets that were potentially on offer, the city and the spread of those attacks and how serious they were for the whole of the United Kingdom?’”

In response Prime Minister David Cameron was reluctant to go in to any further detail but commented on the series of attacks inspired by IS propaganda. “The reason for such enhanced concern is how their nature has changed to much more planned and thought through attacks.”

Mr Cameron continued “That combination of desperate psychopathic killers combined with the higher element of planning that the Paris attacks showed, that is one of the reasons why we have to act and we have to act now.”

Speaking after the debate Mr Paisley said: “It is of great importance that ahead of any votes on military intervention, we are well informed of the threats posed against us and that we as MPs are assured of the strategy which our military will adopt, that their objectives are clearly defined and details of how the end goal of such action will be successfully achieved.”