Paisley ready for electoral fray

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The DUP’s Ian Paisley is confident he will retain his North Antrim seat in the upcoming General Election.

Mr Paisley was elected in 2010 taking 46% of the vote, succeeding his father who held the seat from 1970.

The DUP candidate was proposed by WrightBus founder William Wright. The proposal was seconded by Liam Beckett.

Other nominators included Violet Dawson, tVice Principal of Moorfields Primary School and wife of the late George Dawson, the former East Antrim MLA.

Mr Paisley commented “I hope that the range of individuals who have signed my nomination forms reflects how I believe I have worked for the whole of North Antrim. People from all areas of the constituency with a host of different backgrounds, working within both public and private sectors feature here and I take pride in knowing that I have worked to help the people of North Antrim regardless of area or background.”

Professor Roy Douglas from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen’s University was another nominator.

Co-chair of the North Antrim Young Democrats, many of whom accompanied Mr Paisley to the Electoral Office, Emma McIlveen commented “We are delighted to join our DUP candidate at his nomination. As a group we have been canvassing all over the constituency with Ian. It is vital that young people make use of their vote and we hope to try and relay that message to everyone we meet throughout this campaign.”

The three DUP MLAs for North Antrim David McIlveen, Paul Frew and Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey all also nominated Mr Paisley.

Mr Paisley concluded “I am thoroughly looking forward to this election campaign. Our MPs have the potential to play a major role in deciding who will take power on May 7th such is the near dead heat that is predicted between Labour and the Conservatives. I hope the people of North Antrim will place their faith in me for another term and give me the opportunity to go and negotiate the best possible deal for this constituency at a time when our voices as Northern Ireland MPs are being listened to more than ever.