Parents called to account over anti-social behaviour in Dunvale

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

An increase in assaults, under-age drinking and the mixing of painkillers with alcohol in the Dunvale area of Ballymena has led police to express concern.

Police say they have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Dunvale, specifically close to Dunclug Shopping Centre.

These reports have included assaults, nuisance behaviour, underage drinking and verbal abuse, and have involved youths and adults.

One report even highlighted an incident where youths are mixing alcohol and paracetamol.

Constable Joe Connaghan from PSNI Ballymena says, “I am urging adults to obey council bye-laws by not drinking in public places, and to refrain from purchasing alcohol for underage persons.

“I’m urging parents to remind their children of the consequences of hanging around this area and causing a nuisance, and of the dangers involved in substance abuse.”

And he asked:“Do you know where your children are? Do you know who they are with? Do you know what they are doing?”

Constable Connaghan has been working with the local community in a bid to identify those involved.

He said: “Police will be actively seeking to address the problems caused by ASB in the Dunvale area over the coming months. This will include increased patrols. Our aim is to keep people safe and to reduce the fear of crime. Any person involved in ASB will be spoken to by Police and details passed to our Youth Diversion Officer.”