Petrol bomb and Paris atrocity ‘two sides of same coin’ says SF’s McKay

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An Islamaphobic attack on the home of a couple in Ballykeel does not reflect the sentiments of the local community, says Sinn Fein’s Daithi McKay.

He said: “The petrol bomb attack on a home of a local Muslim family must be condemned outright. We are fortunate that the family was able to extinguish the flames.

“This attack in no way reflects the sentiment of the local community. I want to send my heart felt support to the Ibrahim family.

“As a political leader in my community I wish to put on the record my utter condemnation of this attack. Others should do likewise. Those behind this attack need to reflect on their actions.

“They have employed the same hate filled mentality that those who perpetrated the Paris killings. It is two sides of the same coin. I would appeal for anyone with information to contact the PSNI. There can be no place whatsoever for attacks like these in our society.”