Plans for new Fold in Antrim town centre

Neil Kelly.
Neil Kelly.

The Housing Executive has given a commitment to create housing for older people in Antrim town.

During a presentation given to local councillors last night (Monday), it was revealed that plans are in place for 25 category one older people’s housing units at The Cedars, Riverside, close to the town centre.

Housing Executive representatives had attended council’s monthly meeting to present the Housing Improvement Plan for the borough for the next year.

Councillor Neil Kelly queried schemes included in the Housing Executive Housing Investment Plan and asked if there were plans for older people’s housing in the Antrim area.

He was advised by a representative of the Housing Executive that plans were afoot for Riverside for 25 units for older people’s housing.

She added that there had been plans for the former NRC site in the town, but that a price for the site could not be agreed.

It was added that the plans for Riverside are being brought forward by Fold Housing.

Welcoming the news, Cllr. Kelly said: “This is fantastic news.”

Speaking to the Times after the meeting, Cllr. Kelly said he had made contact with Fold Housing, and said that although the plans are in the very early stages, he “tentatively” welcomed the moves being made for older people’s housing in Antrim.

“I won’t be satisified until older people’s housing is in place in Antrim,” Cllr. Kelly said.

He added: “It has been a long process to get to where we are now and I hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am very supportive of this plan and I hope that it can progress and get underway as outlined in the report to council in 2016.”