Police searched home after finding ‘stash’ in car

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Editorial Image.

A man who said he used cannabis because of illness failed to outfox police who produced a warrant to search his home for drugs when they uncovered his stash under the air filter of a car outside the property.

In the home of Steven Jackie Smith (54), of Brookhill, Randalstown, officers found fireworks in a kitchen cupboard for which he did not have a licence.

The discoveries were made in August last year and at Antrim Magistrates Court on Tuesday, and Smith pleaded pleaded guilty to possessing Class B drugs and also admitted the fireworks offence.

A prosecutor said 60 grammes of cannabis was found under the car air filter.

The defendant told police it was for his own use and that he had paid £360 for a month’s supply.

He said that he smoked around three grammes a day “because of illness”.

He also admitted to police he kept the drugs outside of his house.

Defence barrister Chris Sherrard said the defendant lived in a rented property and the fireworks were present when his client moved in.

However, he accepted he had used some of them.

Smith, who had a previous drug conviction, was fined a total of £400.