Progress for Ballymena Bus and Rail station

Ballymena Bus and Rail Station. INBT 51-812H
Ballymena Bus and Rail Station. INBT 51-812H

News that a scoping and feasibility review is being carried out for the refurbishment of Ballymena Bus and Rail station has been welcomed.

Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay brought the issue to the Assembly for a debate in December.

He said: “When I brought this issue to the attention of the Assembly it was clearly not a priority and commuters in Ballymena were going to have to ‘make do’ with a poor and neglected station.

“I am glad that the Department and Translink has heeded my call to make this a priority. A scoping and feasibility review of the project to refurbish Ballymena Bus and Rail Integrated Station has commenced. That is excellent news.

“We also have a clear commitment that this work will be completed during the 2016/17 and 2017/18 financial years. That is good but there should be efforts made to bring that work forward if possible.

“Demand for public transport is growing at a huge rate in Ballymena and local commuters here are entitled to the same standard of station as those that have already been put in place in Antrim and Coleraine.”