‘Protestantism almost a crime’ says DUP man

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A Ballymena councillor says he will not play any part in groups with a PSNI presence until he sees ‘fair and impartial policing’.

The DUP’s John Carson used his facebook account to express his lack of confidence in the police service.

Cllr. Carson stated: “Coming from a family who gave a lifetime of service to that great force that was the RUC, it gives me no pleasure saying I have absolutely no confidence in present day policing.

“Whilst republicans/nationalists can say what they like, do what they like, attack our culture at every opportunity, just one threat of violence and our parades are restricted or banned, yet on the other hand it is almost a criminal offence to be a protestant.

“Carry the country’s flag and you risk a prison sentence, play the auld orange flute outside church and you’ll be arrested, speak the truth from your pulpit and you’re accused of hate crime.

“I work for the largest security firm in the world, and I can say without a doubt that some of today’s police officers would not even get past the interview stage with us. Until I see fair and impartial policing I will play no part in PCSPs or any other group with a police presence.

“All men equal under the law, all men equally subject to the law.”