Public Service Strike latest

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Tens of thousands of public service workers will strike across Northern Ireland on Friday, Unison Regional Secretary Patricia McKeown has said.

Members of a number of public sector unions are taking industrial action over budget cuts and job losses.

Ms McKeown said health & social services, education boards, schools, bus and train services and the civil service will all be affected as workers take action.

She said UNISON has asked all public service employers to behave responsibly.

“This means ensuring that the public is notified in advance on key issues such as school closures and rescheduled surgery and outpatient clinics. We thank those school principals and health managers who have already taken these steps. Those who have not, need to act now,” she said.

“Where our members are involved we are providing cover for the young, old and infirm in residential care, and at bank holiday levels for community and hospital care. On acute care we are providing emergency cover on detailed agreements with the employers,” Ms McKeown stated.