Pupils bust hunger for the world’s poor

Thousands of school children in Northern Ireland are being given the chance to help tackle hunger in the world’s poorest countries by creating virtual farms in their classrooms.

International development organisation, Concern Worldwide, is asking local primary schools to hold a Big Farm Hunger Bust. It’s an opportunity to raise money to buy seeds, fruit trees and animals, and provide food and livelihoods for families in extreme poverty.

Schools can buy anything from piglets to donkeys, and the more money they raise, the bigger their farms will grow.

“Farms are fun! And farming can help tackle hunger in the world’s poorest countries”, said Sarah Matzen of Concern.

“Hunger is the world’s most solvable problem, and fighting malnutrition is key to helping people lift themselves out of poverty.”

With curriculum based resources, pupils can learn about good nutrition, to little-known veggies like cassava – all through suggested activities and lesson plans.

Pupils can raise money through a sponsored nature walk or by giving up their favourite treats for a week. And what’s more, all donations to Concern made before 14th December will be doubled by the UK government. That’s extra good for all those hunger-busting efforts!

To find out more visit www.concern.net/hungerbust or call 0800 032 4001