Queen Street illegal dumping fears are raised by Anderson

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Illegal dumping is causing heartache for the residents of Queen Street in the Harryville district of Ballymena.

Now the issue has been raised by newly elected Mid7East Antrim councillor, Donna Anderson.

Cllr. Anderson, a TUV representative, said she has raised the issue with Ballymena Borough Council and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

She said: “Residents living in Queen Street are concerned that the ongoing rise of irresponsible dumping of waste is becoming a safety concern. The problem can be seen around the back alleys. With the back alley being the only escape route for some, it poses a risk to health and safety if a house fire was to break out as well as posing the obvious health hazards raised by waste lying around.

“The serious litter problem also compromises the sanitation of the area and has the potential to attract rats and other vermin which could easily find a way into residents homes leading to further distress. Those responsible for committing such antisocial behaviour need to question what they are doing as the risk they are creating is very large while the fix is very simple-‘pick it up and bin it’!

“These incidents have been reported to Ballymena Borough Council who have said they will investigate the issue. I have also raised the issue with the PSNI as public littering is an offence. I hope that culprits caught before this problem escalates.”