Rescue dog Sweep is just like Taz - but he’s no devil!

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Little Sweep, the three-year-old Pomeranian cross, is well-known at Dogs Trust Ballymena as Northern Ireland’s little Tasmanian Devil, for his wild black hair, cheeky face and his big personality.

Oonagh Phillips, Rehoming Centre Manager said: “Everyone at the rehoming centre in Ballymena loves Sweep. We call him our little Tazmanian Devil because he is constantly on the move and when he smiles, he looks just like his hilarious Looney Tunes alter-ego.

“It’s safe to say Sweep isn’t a lap dog as he loves running around, exploring and having fun. He is very independent, enjoys his own space and much prefers the company of adults.

“Sweep would be best suited to an adult only home and he gets on well with other dogs. He likes to take his time getting to know people, so after visiting Sweep a number of times you will get to know him really well.”

What Sweep lacks in size, he more than makes up for in character and would make a fantastic addition to an experienced adult only family.

Much like the beloved cartoon, Sweep loves eating and will be your best friend if you give him a tasty treat.

Sweep is very willing to learn, especially if there is a treat or two involved, which will prove useful to adult only families who enjoy the training element of owning a dog. If you are interested in giving Sweep his forever home, or would like to find out more about the residents at Dogs Trust Ballymena, please call 0300 303 029. or visit: