Residents horrified by speed survey results on Ferniskey Road

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Residents of Ferniskey Road near Kells have been horrified by new findings about speeding on their doorsteps.

Paul Frew, the DUP Assemblyman for North Antrim said the residents have had their worst fears confirmed by an analysis of the average speeds of cars travelling into Kells on the road.

TransportNI conducted the seven day survey 20 metres inside the existing 30 mph speed limit.

The mean data shows 1228 vehicles use that road per day and over the week 1163 vehicles were recorded doing over 30mph.

Mr. Frew said: “The most worrying factor was that the mean speed of vehicles travelling into the village was a whopping 47.9 mph - that’s 18 points above what they should be doing!”

Average speed of people driving out of the built up area was 40.8 mph.

TransportNI have agreed to do another survey closer into the village and then discuss with the PSNI a potential Road Safety Scheme for the whole Village .

Mr. Frew added: “I want to thank TransportNI and PSNI for their work on this issue and appeal to all road users to slow down when driving.”