Roof improvements for Barra Drive properties

Paul Frew MLA and Cllr. Glover.
Paul Frew MLA and Cllr. Glover.

Local MLA Paul Frew has thanked the Housing Executive for the commencement of work on the roofs of properties in Barra Drive in Ballykeel.

The UUP Assemblyman said it was a “long time coming”.

“This is vitally important work - I have been campaigning for this work since 2013 when I first was invited into some of the properties and I saw for myself the damp on the ceilings and walls; it was traveling right down to the ground floor on some occasions passing by one or two floors,” Mr Frew said.

He added: “All these living areas have flat roofs.

“Interior surveys and damp surveys were conducted at my request, by the Housing Executive, as well as tests on the flat roofs back in 2014 and it was obvious something fundamental had to be undertaken.”

Mr Frew said his party colleague, Councillor Reuben Glover had also been constantly raising the issue faced by residents since being elected to the council.

“We have written to the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Housing Executive as well as having continuous contact with the local area manager Mairead Myles Davy to stress the importance of this work and what the residents where living in and through,” Mr Frew said.

He added: “It was finally agreed in 2015 to completely replace the flat roofs with brand new pitched roofs resolving the issue once and for all.

“This, of course was great news for the residents but unfortunately it has taken until now to get it up the capital spend list and shovel ready with the contract being awarded with a start date of March 5.

“This is a fundamental piece of work being undertaken by the Housing Executive and I and Cllr. Reuben Glover, who represents this area, would like to thank them for this work especially the Area Manager, Mairead Myles Davey.”