Roundabout racers ‘terrifying elderly’ claims MLA

Larne Road Link. Image: Google Earth.
Larne Road Link. Image: Google Earth.
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Elderly residents living near the Larne Road Link have told a local MLA they are ‘terrified’ by the antics of reckless boy racers.

Paul Frew MLA told the Ballymena and Antrim Times that residents have said they are living in fear because of the ‘noise of vehicles speeding past their development.’

MLA Paul Frew and DUP Councillor Reuben Glover.

MLA Paul Frew and DUP Councillor Reuben Glover.

He has written to the PSNI and PCSP (Policing and Community Safety Partnership) regarding the increase in noise and speed of cars travelling along the dual carriageway.

He said: “This sort of activity increases every so often and it reaches unbearable levels for the residents living nearby - some who are very elderly and vulnerable.

“It ranges from cars parked in various carparks at night revving engines and playing loud music to the reckless high speeding between roundabouts with drivers using it as some sort of raceway.”

He added: “Residents are frightened that someone will be killed or seriously injured.

“This is a wide, straight stretch of road where people can increase speed rapidly before having to screech to a halt to negotiate the roundabouts.

“They are putting themselves and other road users who come into contact with them in grave danger and it needs to stop.”