Saints and Sinners health plan unveiled

If you're feeling stuffed after Christmas why not try out the Saints & Sinners Health and Fitness programme.
If you're feeling stuffed after Christmas why not try out the Saints & Sinners Health and Fitness programme.

All Saints GAC are gearing up a fitness programme to help people banish the Post-Christmas blues!

The club is embarking on its latest health and well-being venture, ‘Saints & Slimmers’ which last year saw 120 people sign up for a 6 week schedule of healthy activities.

Though there was an emphasis on weight loss, offering as it did a weekly weigh-in, spin cycle, sofa to 5K (with Ballymena Runners), circuit sessions, weekly early morning wake up classes and a variety of team events the programme was about much more than that as organiser Conor Connolly was keen to point out:

“The social aspect of the project was just as important to us and while participants were provided with an excellent way to shift those unwanted pounds at the same time it provided a great opportunity to meet new people, to take part in fitness activities set very much at their own level while doing so in a fun environment.

“Irish dancing classes also formed part of the programme of events and the grand finale featured all participants in a ‘dance off’ in front of 400 supporters and guests at a gala evening in Tullyglass House Hotel.

“While the dancing emphasis this time around remains a key part of the activities the exact nature of the dance routines and genres are a closely guarded secret, set to be revealed at a later date.”

This year’s programme is set to be just as successful with some new activities planned at venues including Studio 365 in Broughshane and Crossfit Gym in Ballymena while early morning classes are once again planned for St. Brigid’s PS, Broughshane Road.

Places on the programme are limited and further information can be found on the club’s Facebook page or contacting Eamon on 07702566865. Participants should also register their interest now by texting the same number. Full registration takes place this Sunday, December 11 between 5.00pm – 6.00pm in St. Brigid’s PS, Broughshane Road, Ballymena and full payment or a £20 deposit will secure a place.