‘Secure your caravan’- PSNI

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It’s the time of year when caravan weekend breaks become popular again and owners from all around Northern Ireland get away from things for some relaxation.

Police have advised caravan owners to make sure their property is locked when unoccupied.

Chief Inspector Stephen Reid said: “People bring with them personal belongings for use on their holiday and at times decide to just leave them in the caravan over the spring and summer months. However, this does attract the opportunist thief. The PSNI is advising everyone who owns or uses a caravan to ensure it is properly secured when unoccupied. Caravans may be more vulnerable than houses but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your property secure.”

“Take all your valuables with you when you leave the caravan or at least lock them away from sight. Leave your curtains open so intruders can see there are no valuables lying about. Site security can also check out your caravan easily.

“Even open cupboard doors at the end of the season can help deter a thief,” said the police officer.