Seven Towers Leisure Centre ‘not fit for purpose’ - MLA

The Seven Towers Leisure Centre. (Editorial Image).
The Seven Towers Leisure Centre. (Editorial Image).

A rising tide of complaints about the ‘tired and worn out’ Seven Tower Leisure Centre has prompted a call for the construction of a new recreation hub in Ballymena.

The suggestion has come from DUP Assemblyman Paul Frew who has written to Mid & East Antrim Council asking them to consider whether it is now time for a brand new Leisure centre in the town.

The MLA said his plea for action was based on issues raised with him by the local public on a regular basis.

He said: “I am receiving increasing numbers of complaints about the standard of Ballymena’s Leisure Centre. People complain about the inadequate space and equipment in the gym to the tired old facilities, even foul smells coming from the drains.

“It is clear a larger number of activities are being cancelled due to leaky roofs or health and safety concerns.”

Mr. Frew revealed that the Council’s Chief Executive had explained in a letter of response that the council has commissioned an a full strategic condition survey of the leisure centre.

While acknowledging that there are plans to carry out interim repair works throughout the centre, Mr. Frew feels this is a forlorn hope.

“I would ask Council to seriously consider building a brand new leisure centre. Why spend more public money on sticking plaster work on an old tired building that is not now fit to cater for the health and well being of our people?

“Surely there is fresh opportunity with the potential to use some of the St Patrick’s land adjacent to the existing premises and then sell off the existing site for business opportunities. Whatever Council decide I am here to assist in any way I can to make progress and affect positive change for our community but why delay? It will only cost more in ten years time if we don’t start the process now,” he said.