Sex offender re-arrested by police after going AWOL

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

Police in Antrim have re-arrested a sex offender who failed to return after leave.

Councillor Drew Ritchie commended the local police service on the arrest.

“The Antrim Community are safer now that he has been re-arrested and returned to prison.

Cllr Ritchie has asked the authorities to ensure proper assessment is carried out on serious offenders before parole is granted. “Hopefully under the new policing structure this type of police will continue to reduce crime in our borough.”

Alderman Adrian Watson said: “It is an absolute disgrace that sex offenders are able to get back onto our streets and the fact that he was arrested in Antrim with so many primary schools nearby is very scary.

He added: I give credit to the hard work carried out by the PSNI, keeping Antrim safe.”