Slideshow: Dunclug College open night

Dunclug College was pleased to welcome over 1200 visitors during the Open Evenings on last Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday, 15th January 2015, 2:57 pm
Nothing like a wee sing along in the music room at Dunclug Ciollege duringthe open event with teacher Mrs King. INBT 03-808H

During a DVD presentation the visitors saw highlights of the previous year, including memories of the visits made by Year seven pupils to taster events in late November, “Technology and Tinsel”, “Gingerbread Alley” or “What a Performance”.

A selection of the School Choir performed ‘Beyond the Sea’, a beautiful arrangement by Mrs King, with soloist Ellie Clyde and accompanied by Louise Saunderson on piano and Callum McCarrison on Flute.

This was just a sample of a range of the excellent musical talent on display during the course of the evening.

Nothing like a wee sing along in the music room at Dunclug Ciollege duringthe open event with teacher Mrs King. INBT 03-808H

Pupils enjoy a wide range of opportunities within and beyond the classroom with a focus on an enjoyable educational experience.

“A strength of our provision is the four-way streaming system at KS3. The aim is that pupils are fully stretched in areas where they are strong and receive more support to achieve in the areas where they experience more challenge.”

The environment is competitive and focused on high standards, but fully supportive. Even within the streams, differentiation is still a key feature of the pedagogy and where pupils at all level require support, eg in Literacy, Numeracy, Art therapy, behaviour management – this can be accessed from Year 8 through to A Level, if necessary. Those with Special Educational Needs, all of whom also have access to a full range of GCSE choices, are ably supported by a band of strong Learning Support Assistants.

The Principal emphasised that the best people to ask about the school are its students and was delighted that almost 400 of its existing students were helping in some way with Open Evenings. She interviewed two current Year 8 students, Ruth Morrow and Tyler Stevenson, about their experiences of transfer last September, which they conveyed with humour, spontaneity and honesty.

During a structured tour of the school, Senior students became informative guides, and pupils were on hand in every subject area to demonstrate, perform, share, and answer questions, and to encourage visitor participation.

The Technology Department demonstrated its 3D printer and two CNC routers, with enthusiastic pupils keen to demonstrate their knowledge of materials, working techniques and processes. The traditional method of workshop fabrication followed with the new technologies such as Computer Aided Design and Manufacture encompassing Solid Works, 3-D Printing, Milling and Laser Cutting offered pupils the opportunity to explore vast possibilities when designing and making.

There were performances in Performing Arts and Music.

Music Tuition is offered by a Music specialist in the department, in piano and voice at no additional cost to parents, and those who are interested in peripatetic teaching through NEELB benefit from its being well subsidised by the school.

The Art Department was the usual grotto of samples of artistic delight, with many students displaying their developing skills.

In Business, young minds were trained on financial matters, in ICT the students demonstrated games they had designed themselves, and in Media presented their own animations. The Maths Department offered its usual competitions to both pupils and parents with exciting prizes and in Science visitors were amazed to see burning fivers, a burning hand and to be able to find themselves encapsulated in a giant bubble.The high energy PE demonstrations on speed bounce, gymnastics, the fitness suite and game playing set most hearts racing and visitors were refreshed by a cup of tea along the way.

Parents are encouraged to complete the Transform Forms fully, ensuring they have recorded how they meet all the relevant criteria that apply to them.

Anyone who missed the Open Evenings should contact the school on 028 2565 3665, consult the school website on or make an appointment at the School Office to arrange a tour. All school documentation is available on request.