Solution for freeview signal issues

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Local people who may have had problems with their freeview signal have been advised to report it to at800.

A Ballymena man told us he had lost complete signal over a week ago - and narrowly avoided paying out for an engineer to fix the problem.

He said: “At first I contacted the digital uk website and was told by them that there was no ongoing work in my area which they were responsible for.

“Having heard that, I booked a local engineer to come and look at the problem. When I was explaining the issue to him he mentioned that he had already been in my area within the last week fixing the same problem which is apparently because of 4G signals coming from a close by mast!

“Only by doing further research I have found that there is another contact for the public which is ‘at800 - 4G Interference & Freeview: Let’s be clear at 800 MHz’ who are able to solve this problem by sending an engineer who will do the work for free if he can confirm that the problem is caused by 4G interference.

“This information may be helpful to others who, like myself, did not know that there is a free helpline. The contact number for at800 is freephone 08081313800.

“The Digital UK site, which would be the first port of call for most people, told me there was no reason they knew of why I had lost signal. It would be interesting to know how many local people have paid for engineers when they could have had one for free! I have been told they can they be reimbursed for any payments they have made if they take this further. Pensioners may be big losers