Stolen mobile phone was hidden in female’s groin area- court told

Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC
Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC

A woman caught in possession of a stolen iPhone has been given a 12 month probation order by a local judge.

Margaret Gavin (45), of Rathenraw Holding Site, pleaded guilty to a charge of handling stolen goods, between June 25 and 29.

The court was told that a woman reported her handbag stolen. The bag contained the iPhone.

It was explained that police used the ‘find my iPhone’ app to track the phone’s location.

Police stopped Gavin as she was driving her vehicle and a search was carried out. Officers asked the owner of the phone to sound its alarm and when she did, officers could hear it.

Prosecution said that Gavin reached into her trousers and produced the mobile phone from the groin area.

She said that her son had saved up and purchased the phone off a man.

The court heard that given where the phone was found, it wasn’t considered suitable to be returned to the owner on ‘health and safety’ reasons.

A defending solicitor told Antrim Magistrates Court that Gavin had a number of difficult family issues, including her brother recently being shot in the head in Belfast.

Defence said: “She has a number of difficulties, her son was returned for trial and her brother was shot in the head in Belfast. She is very preoccupied (at the moment) and he is fighting for his life.

“The dishonesty on her part is when her son hands her the phone, she secretes it on her person.”

District Judge Alan White imposed a 12 month probation order for the offence. She was also ordered to pay £150 compensation for the phone, which £25 will go towards the injured party and the rest to the insurance company.