Street lighting is a priority for Swann

Robin Swann. (Editorial Image)
Robin Swann. (Editorial Image)
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Fears that some local areas could become ‘no go areas’ because of inadequate street lighting have been expressed by an election candidate.

Robin Swann, who is seeking to retain his assmebly seat as the UUP representative in North Antrim has urged the Stormont Executive to set dedicated funding aside to ensure there is proper street and road lighting across the constituency.

Mr. swann commented: “Road safety should not simply be limited to fixing dangerous potholes in roads. The Executive needs to ensure there is effective cash available to provide clear lighting, not just in specific parts of the North Antrim constituency, but right across the region.I do not want to see a situation emerging where some of our roads and streets become almost ‘no go’ areas in the evening or at night because of inadequate lighting.If re-elected, I pledge to have a full lighting survey carried out across the entire region.”