‘Suicidal’ man pointed crossbow at his head and then at police and was tasered

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A ‘suicidal’ man tasered by police after he pointed a crossbow at his head and then towards officers was jailed for four months, after a judge deemed him to be a “significant risk” to the public.

Adam Patrick Toner (29), of Glendarragh Park, Crumlin, was sentenced at Antrim Magistrates Court on two charges of assaulting police who were called to his home on June 30 this year.

Earlier Toner had been to Antrim Area Hospital but when he left without receiving treatment a ‘high risk’ alert regarding his own safety was activated and officers went to his home.

The court heard Toner had been drinking heavily and was “feeling suicidal” and he claimed he grabbed the crossbow when he didn’t know who was forcing in his door and didn’t intentionally point it at police.

A defence lawyer said no officer was hurt but the assault charges were because police were put in “significant fear”.

Jailing Toner, District Judge Alan White said a report showed the defendant “presented a significant risk of serious harm to others”.