Superb GCSE results for students at Dunclug College

Celebrating GCSE results at Dunclug College.
Celebrating GCSE results at Dunclug College.

Dunclug College is celebrating historic levels of achievement at GCSE level.

All students, including those with various learning challenges sat a minimum of seven GCSE subjects, including the compulsory core of English, Maths and Science and a range of GCSE optional choices in a balance of General and Applied courses.

Celebrating GCSE results at Dunclug College.

Celebrating GCSE results at Dunclug College.

Many gifted and competitive students sat eight, nine or 10 subjects.

The overall result for GCSE English for the whole cohort was 80 per cent in the A–C range, with the overall Mathematics result being almost 60 oer cent - in each case this represented the best outcomes in the school’s history.

Overall, almost 80 per cent of students achieved five or more subjects in the A–C range with almost 60 per cent achieving this standard inclusive of English and Maths.

School Principal Ruth Wilson said this significantly exceeds the National and Northern Ireland averages and is testimony to the success which can be attained at a non-selective school.

Dunclug College students celebrate their GCSE results.

Dunclug College students celebrate their GCSE results.

“Many factors contribute to such success, not least the support of parents, the commitment of students and the motivational teaching which is inspirational yet grounded, and which proves that high expectations enable students to push boundaries and indeed predictions,” Mrs Wilson added.

Subjects which achieved the outstanding success rate of 100 per cent of pupils gaining Grade C or better were as follows: Art, Construction, Media Studies, Double Award Science, Occupational Studies, Further Maths, Prince’s Trust, Agriculture & Community Sport. Other high achieving subjects included: Applied Business 70 per cent, English 80 per cent, English Literature 92 per cent, Engineering 70 per cent, French 75 per cent, Geography 79 per cent, ICT 70 per cent, Single Award Science 78 per cent, Technology & Design 91 per cent, Drama 91 per cent, Music 82 per cent, BTEC Sport 91 per cent

The Principal noted that amongst the numerous excellent combinations of grades were children with special educational needs, and many personal best achievements.

It was also very encouraging to note that 96 per cent of all students in the year group achieved at least five grades in the A–E range.

Congratulations to top achievers: Kirsten McLeister (five A* and three As); Craig Francey (four A*, four A, one B and one C); and Charlotte McKay (one A*, four A, two B and one C).

Other students with a profile of A-C grades in eight or more subjects included: Stuart Adams, Tori Agnew, Chloe Bleakley, Alan Clarke, Daniel Compton, Megan Davison, Laura Du Bois Pidgeon, Amy Ewart, Joy Forsythe, Rachel Greer, Abigail Harris, Timothy Hill, Korben Houston, Lynn Hughes, Deanna Johnston, Jamie Knox, Danielle Mahaffy, Tamzin McClenaghan, Adam McConnell, Grace McCullough, Emma McDowell, Thomas McFall, Megan McKay, Luke Neeson, Robbie O’Neill, Aimee Penney, David Saunderson, Chad Shaw, Joshua Shaw, Robyn Telford, Charlotte Waide, James Warwick, Leah Young.

This, in addition to the list of students, too numerous to list, who achieved seven top grades.

Interviews are currently underway at the College for Sixth Form places and/or advice for students on the next steps in their learning. Applications are also welcome from students from other schools.

Admissions Criteria and the details of subjects on offer are available at the School Office.