Swann queries impact of courthouse closure

Robin Swann. (Editorial Image)
Robin Swann. (Editorial Image)

Local Assemblyman Robin Swann has challenged Justice Minister David Ford “to give cast-iron guarantees that his decision to axe Ballymena Courthouse will not spark further job losses throughout the constituency as a knock-on effect”.

Responding to Mr Swann’s concern, expressed recently at Stormont, over the potential impact the courthouse closure could have on jobs such as on solicitors’ practices, Mr Ford replied: “A small number of direct Courts Service jobs will move from Ballymena to Antrim.

“I would have thought that a significant number of solicitors’ practices, given that they have a variety of interests and do not solely concentrate on business in courts, will continue in Ballymena because it is a significant shopping and market centre.

“The likelihood of any significant number of jobs moving, other than the small number of direct jobs in the Courts and Tribunals Service, is, I suspect, quite small,” the Minister stated.