Swann welcomes council’s new bus shelter scheme

Robin Swann.
Robin Swann.

North Antrim MLA Robin Swann has welcomed the decision by the Mid and East Antrim Council to implement its policy of providing bus shelters for public transport users.

The UUP Assemblyman was speaking after it was revealed that new shelters would be erected near Parkgate Road and Station Mews in the constituency.

“After extensive work and lobbying by many in the community, can I thank Mid and East Antrim Council for bring these shelters to a state where they will now be delivered,” Mr Swann said.

He added: “I urge the Council to continue with this policy of providing bus shelters across the North Antrim constituency as this will hopefully encourage more people to use public transport, particularly if they have a shelter they can wait in or disembark especially with the unpredictable weather we are suffering with at the moment.”