Tanzanian children ‘thriving’ thanks to generous locals

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Abused and under-privileged children in East Africa are ‘thriving’ due to the work of Ballymena couple, John and Pauline Tuff, who are ‘house parents’ at a rescue home run by the Tanzanian Christian Farm Development Trust.

Recently, they were visited by a team of five men and five women from Ballee Baptist Church, which is the Tuff’s home congregation. The women worked with the children who live there while the men began construction work on a new toilet, shower and laundry block.

Team leader, Trevor Gillan said: “This was my fourth time in Africa, but for all of the others who were visiting there for first time, it was a real eye-opener as it showed them how difficult live is for others.”

“Even in terms of the building materials we used, nothing was straightforward. For example you needed to plain the timber to make it flat and level.Drinking water has to be brought in bottles and water for washing or watering plants is brought in on trucks.”

However, Trevor also says that it was a real blessing to work with and local people on the building project. Prior to the team’s arrival, they laid foundations and sub-floors, not to mention making enough blocks to get the job done. Meeting young residents at the home, one of whom was just a few weeks old proved to be a wonderful experience for the visiting labourers.

Trevor added: “One little girl suffered abuse at the hands of her carers and had been removed from that. Another young boy had HIV and hadn’t been getting his medication but both children are thriving since their arrival at the home.” The humanitarian aspect of the home is important but the whole purpose of the charity is that those children will grow up hearing the Gospel and come to know the Lord Jesus who loves them”, he continued.