Taxi fare rise ‘worrying’ for many people - O’Loan

Declan O'Loan. INBT 22-130JC
Declan O'Loan. INBT 22-130JC

SDLP Councillor Declan O’Loan has expressed concern that the compulsory introduction of taxi meters is leading to substantially increased fares.

He said: “In one case reported to me in Ballymena, a fare that would normally have been £4 cost £6.20. That’s an increase of over fifty per cent.

“It raises a Ballymena fare from something which was affordable to something which will cause a problem for many people. We will hear more reports of how this is working out but at this stage the outcome is worrying.

“It seems that taxi firms have little or no discretion, and the rates are fixed and common to all.”