Technology ‘gremlins’ strike again at Ballymena Council

The Braid. BT8-268AC
The Braid. BT8-268AC

Ballymena Council had to be adjourned last week, for the second time in less than two months, when an unknown technical glitch affected members’ ipads.

Ballymena councillors were offered the hi-tech tablets plus training in their use last year and almost all now use them to access civic information including minutes of meetings, agendas and associated reports and documents.

However, they were unable to do that at the outset of their March meeting in the Braid prompting CEO Anne Donaghy to suggest a five minute adjournment. When this failed to get to the root of the problem, councillors whose ipads were working agreed to share with colleagues whose devices were affected.

Cllr Tommy Nicholl reminded the gathering that he had asked some weeks previously that “an IT person” attend meetings so that any such glitches could be quickly solved.

Mrs Donaghy issued an apology to councillors, stating: “What is important to me now is that this doesn’t happen again.

“I give you an assurance from here on in that an IT person will be at meetings until otherwise directed by the elected members.”