Teens playing deadly traffic dare ‘game’

The busy three-lane North Road
The busy three-lane North Road

Teenagers in Ballymena are playing a deadly game of chicken on some of the town’s busiest roads.

And one motorist has even witnessed one youth narrowly avoiding being knocked down while his partner in recklessness took video of the event on his ‘phone.

The Times has received notification of several such incidents in recent weeks with one particular group using the three-lane town centre link between Bridge Street and the Galgorm Road junction near the McDonald’s outlet as a potentially deadly zone for ‘traffic surfing’.

One angry female motorist voiced her frustration on social media, relating how she had been forced to ‘hit the anchors’ as several teens burst through swift moving traffic.

“That is a bad road at the best of times with people changing lanes at pretty high speeds - the last thing you need is three or four idiots dashing out into the lanes,” she fumed.

But it was the experience of a motorist who was travelling along the Galgorm Road towards Ballymena which was really shocking.

He was confronted with one youth darting back and forth on the road which was very busy at the time.

“He was grinning from ear to ear like a clown,” said the driver. “It was then I saw his mate videoing the whole episode for posterity. It was completely mad.”