Threw phone at pregnant consultant

Antrim Area Hospital. AT5-312JC
Antrim Area Hospital. AT5-312JC

A man who threw a mobile phone at a pregnant consultant at Antrim Hospital, has been jailed by a judge.

James Bell (28), of Derrycoole Way, Newtownabbey admitted assaulting the doctor on May 30. He also admitted using disorderly behaviour, resisting police and attempting to cause criminal damage, all on that date.

Bell further pleaded guilty to two charges of assault, using disorderly behaviour and failure to leave the hospital, which occurred on March 3. The court heard that on May 30, police attended the hospital following a report that Mr Bell had assaulted a pregnant consultant in the A+E. The Doctor said that Mr Bell was a patient and became aggressive and threw the mobile phone narrowly missing her head and “she was shocked by this.” It was added that he was verbally abusive and raised his arm and started to bang a window. Prosecution said that Bell admitted that he threw the phone at a wall but didn’t throw it at her. In relation to the March 3 incident, the defendant was in hospital and told to leave by staff he then ran towards staff member with posing for a fight, she said she felt like has going to be assaulted. A defending solicitor told Antrim Magistrates Court that both incidents were “technical assaults” as there was no “battery.”

Speaking about the incident on May 30 the defence said: “This was a technical assault. He had been at the hospital because of a swollen tongue and received steroids. He was obviously in a panicked state, he has had difficulties with alcohol in the past.” Speaking about the incident on April 3, Defence said: “He accepts that he was reckless in throwing the phone.”

Sentencing Bell to six months in prison, District Judge Alan White said: “When you get out you have to control yourself.”