Drivers ‘all revved up to sit at Tesco’ car park

Paul Frew and Cllr Reuben Glover - concern over car park gathering.
Paul Frew and Cllr Reuben Glover - concern over car park gathering.

It seems that a sizeable number of motorists in the Ballymena area are all revved up with no place to go - except for a Tesco car park!

Now drivers who congregate at ‘local hotspots’ in Ballymena have been urged to show more consideration to local residents living and trying to sleep nearby.

The call comes from Paul Frew DUP Assembly member and local Councillor Reuben Glover in the wake of problems in the Ballykeel area over last weekend.

Mr. Frew said: “ This issue comes up from time to time and I suspect when police move in the drivers move out to another venue. One venue that has seen increased activity in Ballymena is the Tesco store car park. Over the weekend approximately 40 cars had gathered late at night and their drivers were blowing horns and revving engines for the guts of five hours much to the annoyance of local residents trying to rest for the start of their working week .

“This area has been known for this in the past and we all thought it had resolved itself but alas it’s back with a vengeance. I have correspondence dating back to summer of 2013 when the same thing was happening and it has happened intermittently ever since. They also race up and down the Larne road link which brings real danger to them and other road users.”

Cllr Glover said:”We have contacted PSNI and the local PCSP Officer to discuss measures that could be deployed to raise awareness on this issue. We would also ask Tesco to reconsider measures that would prevent vehicles from using this carpark at closing times allowing their neighbours to live in peace.”